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Kurji Holy Family Hospital, Patna since its foundation in 1939 is committed - To Serve with Love and to bring health, healing and wholeness for all people, also the planet Earth. Over the years the hospital has served the community around and beyond in a sincere way.

In recent years health care services have grown and the technology has developed to a new heights in a marvelous way. However, providing quality health care at an affordable cost is one of the biggest challenges for any hospital today.

The aim and determination of the hospital is to respond to the health needs of our people with quality and safety, and strive to find ways to make the services accessible and affordable for all.

Our benefactors are a special part of the hospital mission of CARING for the sick. The Dream for healthy communities and supporting one another can be realized with a little help from each and every one in a way that can bring PEACE.

The cost of health is today is very high for many poor people. So, our donors, benefactors and all people of good will please render a helping hand to make our world healthy, loving and caring.

We look forward for your generous donations and support.

Sr. Princy Mathew

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