"Diagnostics plays prominent role in the field of Medicine. Without proper diagnosis, proper conclusions regarding Medical treatment / surgery can not be obtained. Similarly preparation of reagents of purest quality is also essential. Thus Medical Lab Technician Course is attaining importance. Clinical studies in the fields of Medicine, Pharmaceutical Industries, Nutrition etc. also require the technicians. The Medical Laboratory is designed to train man power to carry out medical laboratory technical work.``


Course Overview : Eligibility Class 12(Science)

Minimum Age : 17 Years

Course duration : 2 Years

The Diploma Medical Lab Technician (DMLT) course trains students to work as full-fledged lab technologists capable of collecting and storing samples, analysing them and creating reports based on the sample for further analysis by a doctor. The course includes elements of blood bank management, materials management, supply chain management as well as lab information system management. Additionally, graduates from this course are trained to clean and maintain lab equipment, manage biomedical waste and adhere to quality control standards.

The DMLT course curriculum covers the following topics

  • Introduction to patient care, lab technology and equipment

  • Basic & clinical biochemistry

  • General pharmacology

  • Blood banking

  • Fine needle aspiration technique

  • Preparation and documentation of medical tests & results

  • Infection control

  • Maintenance and cleaning of lab equipment

  • Basic pathology and diagnostic techniques

  • Basic & systemic medical microbiology

  • Basic haematology, immunology, parasitology and histology

  • Storage & transportation of samples

  • Lab information management system

  • Biomedical waste management

  • Materials management & supply chain management

  • Quality control