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Our Educational and Training Programs aim at developing persons who will be responsive to the situation in India. We do this by helping our students become integrated persons equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for meeting the health needs of our people.

Residency program. The hospital is recognized by the Medical Council of India. The junior medical staff is made up of  Interns, Junior  Residents  and Senior Resident.

DNB Training programme of the National Board Examinations, Delhi has been introduced since    2003 in the  departments of Paediatrics, and General Medicine.

Laboratory School. A two year diploma course in medical laboratory  technology is conducted.

Home Nurse Training:-


"Home nurses provide basic nursing care to patients. It is also known as home care. They are capable of dealing with patients of all ages. A home nurse is capable of carrying out preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative actions."


Healthcare institutes are the best places where a patient may get quality healthcare services. Many times, even after getting discharged from a hospital, a patient may require special attention and patient care services. This is where home nurses come handy! They are capable of providing quality patient care services at the patient/client’s home.

Home nurses usually work under the supervision of qualified Doctors. They chart their plan on the basis of the patient’s condition, diagnosis and instructions of the Doctor"

Basic B.Sc. (4years) and   Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing (2 Years after GNM) program.  

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