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Medical Mission Sisters


Anna Dengel, M.D.
Founder of Medical Mission Sisters.     

Medical Mission Sisters were founded in 1925 in Washington, D.C., by Austrian-born Dr. Anna Dengel. Working in Rawalpindi, what was then North India in the early 1920s, Anna Dengel experienced firsthand the unnecessary sickness and death of countless Muslim women and children, whose customs isolated them from medical care administered by male physicians. She became convinced that a group of women health professionals, who dedicated their lives to God, could make a difference in helping women to have access to the health care they deserved.

Over the past  years Medical Mission Sisters have offered care and compassion to millions of individuals in our world. As the times and needs have evolved, so too has their focus in mission--from curative, to preventative, to promotive, to community-based, to wholistic health care.

650 Medical Mission Sisters from 23 nations, share one mission, "To be a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world."  They live this mission today in 19 countries on five continents, among people made poor, among those who have limited or no access to health care, and among those unjustly treated or oppressed.

Today they also are involved in the introduction of low-cost alternatives to existing health care systems and advocacy for a just sharing of the limited resources in the one world in which we all live.

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